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    Capital: Buenos Aires
    Population: 42,192,494
    GDP: $596,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    1,068,302 (sq miles)
    2,766,890 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)
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    Capital: La Paz (administrative
    note: Sucre (constitutional capital)
    Population: 10,290,003
    GDP: $47,880,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    424,164 (sq miles)
    1,098,580 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: boliviano (BOB)

Argentina Facts

Spanish is the official language of Argentina, however many people speak some English. German, French, and Italian are also widely spoken, as are several indigenous...
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Bolivia Facts

Lunch is generally the most important meal of the day. People take long lunch breaks and many try to eat at home with their families..

    Capital: Brasilia
    Population: 205,716,890
    GDP: $2,172,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    3,286,488 (sq miles)
    8,511,965 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: real (BRL)

Brazil Facts

Families are traditionally large and may include the extended family. The elderly who cannot care for themselves live with their children because it is improper..

    Capital: Santiago
    Population: 17,067,369
    GDP: $257,900,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    292,260 (sq miles)
    756,950 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)

Chile Facts

Castellano, a Spanish dialect is the official language. English is taught in schools.
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    Capital: Bogota
    Population: 45,239,079
    GDP: $435,400,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    439,736 (sq miles)
    1,138,910 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Colombian peso (COP)

Colombia Facts

Most Colombians speak Spanish, which is the official language. Among eighty indigenous groups at least forty languages are spoken.
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    Capital: Quito
    Population: 15,007,343
    GDP: $115,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    109,483 (sq miles)
    283,560 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: US dollar (USD)

Ecuador Facts

When a girl turns 15 there is a great celebration and the girl wears a pink dress. The father puts on the birthday girls first..
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French Guiana

    Capital: Cayenne
    Population: 199,509
    GDP: $1,551,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    35,135 (sq miles)
    91,000 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: euro (EUR)
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French Guiana Facts

As a result of varied ethnic backgrounds there is a wide variety of foods especially Indian and Chinese. Seafood dishes with rice are popular.
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    Capital: Georgetown
    Population: 748,486
    GDP: $5,379,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    83,000 (sq miles)
    214,970 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Guyanese dollar

Guyana Facts

Pepperpot is traditionally served during the Christmas holiday.
Breakfast usually consists of homemade bread with eggs, cheese, butter or a cooked vegetable and tea or coffee.
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    Capital: Asuncion
    Population: 6,375,830
    GDP: $33,310,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    157,047 (sq miles)
    406,750 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: guarani (PYG)

Paraguay Facts

The Guarani are one of the indigenous groups which inhabited Paraguay before the arrival of Europeans. In August 2004 over four hundred and twenty people died..
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    Capital: Lima
    Population: 29,907,003
    GDP: $275,700,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    496,226 (sq miles)
    1,285,220 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: nuevo sol (PEN)

Peru Facts

Although Western-style clothing is worn regularly in Lima, the capital, and other urban areas, rural campesinos (farmers) often wear traditional clothing related to their ethnic...
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    Capital: Paramaribo
    Population: 486,618
    GDP: $4,711,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    63,039 (sq miles)
    163,270 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Surinamese Dollar

Suriname Facts

Eighty percent of Suriname is covered with tropical rainforest.
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    Capital: Montevideo
    Population: 3,510,386
    GDP: $47,990,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    68,039 (sq miles)
    176,220 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Uruguayan peso

Uruguay Facts

... Birthday celebrations in Uruguay include the principal ritual of a birthday is the cake with candles and lights out, with the eternal song "Happy Birthday..
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   Capital: Caracas
    Population: 27,223,228
    GDP: $345,200,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    352,144 (sq miles)
    912,050 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: bolivar (VEB)

Venezuela Facts

To Venezuelans, the family is at the center of their lives. Most spend a great deal of their free time with their families. Three generations..
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