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    Capital: Hamilton
    Population: 69,080
    GDP: $4,500,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    20 (sq miles)
    53 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Bermudian dollar
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    Capital: Ottawa
    Population: 34,300,083
    GDP: $1,414,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    3,855,103 (sq miles)
    9,984,670 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)

Bermuda Facts

Bermuda is named after Juan de Bermudez, a Spanish seafarer, who discovered the island in 1503.

Canada Facts

Most Canadians eat three times a day. Breakfast can be a small meal of cereal, toast, yogurt or some fruit.

    Capital: Mexico (Distrito Federal)
    Population: 114,975,406
    GDP: $1,567,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    761,606 (sq miles)
    1,972,550 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Mexican peso (MXN)

Mexico Facts

Mexican families are usually large (three or more children). Families that live in urban areas usually have smaller families.

    Capital: Saint-Pierre
    Population: 6,010
    GDP: $48,300,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    93 (sq miles)
    242 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: euro (EUR)

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Facts

First settled by the French in the early 17th century, the islands represent the sole remaining vestige of France's once vast North American possessions.
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    Capital: Washington, DC
    Population: 313,847,465
    GDP: $15,290,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    3,718,711 (sq miles)
    9,631,418 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: US dollar

United States of America Facts

Perhaps more than any other country in the world, the dream of the typical family in the United States is to own their own home...
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Saint Pierre and Miquelon
United States of America
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