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    Capital: Tirana (Tirane)
    Population: 3,002,859
    GDP: $23,860,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    11,100 (sq miles)
    28,748 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: lek (ALL)
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    Capital: Andorra la Vella
    Population: 85,082
    GDP: $3,300,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    181 (sq miles)
    468 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: euro (EUR)

Albania Facts

The Albanian word for the country is Shqiperia, meaning The Land of the Eagles.
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Andorra Facts

Andorra, located in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, is the highest inhabited country in Europe.

     Capital: Vienna
    Population: 8,219,743
    GDP: $332,000,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    32,382 (sq miles)
    83,870 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: euro (EUR)

Austria Facts

In 1991, a mummified body from the Stone Age was found in the ice of the Otztal Alps between Austria and Italy.

    Capital: Minsk
    Population: 9,542,883
    GDP: $131,200,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    80,155 (sq miles)
    207,600 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYB/BYR)

Belarus Facts

The literal translation of Belarus is “White Russia,” after the ancient term “Belaya Rus.” The “white” may refer to the beauty of the birch..
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    Capital: Brussels
    Population: 10,438,353
    GDP: $394,300,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    11,787 (sq miles)
    30,528 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: euro (EUR)

Belgium Facts

... Belgium was the scene of Napoleon's final defeat, at Waterloo, south of Brussels.
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    Capital: Sarajevo
    Population: 4,622,292
    GDP: $30,330,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    19,741 (sq miles)
    51,129 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: marka (BAM)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Facts

Bosnia Herzegovina has the world's highest unemployment rate with over 75%.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
     Capital: Sofia
    Population: 7,037,935
    GDP: $96,780,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    42,823 (sq miles)
    110,910 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: lev (BGL)
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Bulgaria Facts

In addition to three meals a day, Bulgarians might have a mid-morning snack and afternoon coffee. The continental style of eating is most common. Conversation..
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    Capital: Zagreb
    Population: 4,480,043
    GDP: $78,090,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    21,831 (sq miles)
    56,542 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: kuna (HRK)

Croatia Facts

Two Croatian sailors, Ivan Malogrudic from Senj and Marino Masalarda from Dubrovnik, came to Canada with the expedition of Jacques Cartier in 1534.
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Czech Republic
   Capital: Prague
    Population: 10,177,300
    GDP: $261,300,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    30,450 (sq miles)
    78,866 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)

Czech Republic Facts

The Roma, often known as Gypsies, are thought to be descendants of people who migrated from India in the 15th century. In 1997, about 1,500...
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     Capital: Copenhagen
    Population: 5,543,453
    GDP: $201,700,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    16,639 (sq miles)
    43,094 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Danish krone (DKK)

Denmark Facts

Danish society is built on respect for the individual and responsibility for the common good, both at family and community level
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