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Capital: The Valley
Population: 15,423
GDP: $175,400,000 (USD)
Total Area:
39 (sq miles)
102 (sq kilometers)
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
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Capital: Saint John's
Population: 89,018
GDP: $1,425,000,000 (USD)
Total Area:
171 (sq miles)
443 (sq kilometers)
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Antigua and Barbuda

Anguilla Facts

Anguilla means eel in Spanish
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Antigua and Barbuda Facts

In 1493, Columbus sighted Antigua from near Redonda and named it Antigua after the Church of Santa Maria de la Antigua in Seville.

    Capital: Oranjestad
    Population: 107,635
    GDP: $2,258,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    75 (sq miles)
    193 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Aruban guilder/florin

Aruba Facts

Children take a treat to school for their classmates and all teachers. Each teacher receives a treat and gives the birthday child a small flower .

    Capital: Bridgetown
    Population: 287,733
    GDP: $6,227,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    166 (sq miles)
    431 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Barbadian dollar (BBD)

Barbados Facts

... Barbados was given its name by a group of Portuguese sailors who landed on the island on their way to Brazil in 1536.
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    Capital: Road Town
    Population: 31,148
    GDP: $853,400,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    59 (sq miles)
    153 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: US dollar

British Virgin Islands Facts

Legend has it that there is still hidden treasure buried on several of the islands.
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    Capital: George Town
    Population: 52,560
    GDP: $2,250,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    101 (sq miles)
    262 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Caymanian dollar

Cayman Islands Facts

The name 'Cayman' derives from the Carib word for crocodile and appeared in the log of Sir Francis Duke .
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British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands

    Capital: Havana
    Population: 11,075,244
    GDP: $114,100,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    42,803 (sq miles)
    110,860 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Cuban peso (CUP)
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Cuba Facts

Food, music, pinatas and lots of people are all part of the birthday celebration. The celebrations are very similar to the United States.
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    Capital: Roseau
    Population: 73,126
    GDP: $758,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    291 (sq miles)
    754 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: East Caribbean dollar

Dominica Facts

... Christopher Columbus visited the island in 1493. As he landed on a Sunday, he called the island Dominica (Sunday Island).
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Dominican Republic

    Capital: Santo Domingo
    Population: 10,088,598
    GDP: $87,250,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    18,815 (sq miles)
    48,730 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: Dominican peso

Dominican Republic Facts

..Sancocho is the national dish and is served on special occasions. Tropical fruits are found in abundance. Mamgu is served for breakfast in many areas.
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    Capital: Saint George's
    Population: 107,818
    GDP: $1,098,000,000 (USD)
    Total Area:
    133 (sq miles)
    344 (sq kilometers)
    Currency: East Caribbean dollar

Grenada Facts

Canada and Grenada both became British colonies in the same year, 1763.
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